In just 200 years, Australia’s wine industry has grown from a few small plantings to an industry renowned throughout the world for quality, innovation and depth. In fact, Australia is consistently one of the top ten wine producing countries in the world and is one of the few countries that produces every one of the major wine styles. Australia is such a large country that almost every climate and soil type can be found. This means that they are able to produce all of the major wine types, from red wines to white wines, fortified wines and sweet wines to sparkling wines.

Australia also has some of the oldest grape vines in the world. Many of Europe’s established vineyards were destroyed by disease in the 1800s with the only survivors being the vines brought to Australia. Today, the main wine producing regions of Australia remain in the cooler south east of the country. There are about 60 wine-producing regions throughout Australia. Vineyards in South Australia like Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Victoria like Yarra Valley and New South Wales like Hunter Valley produce most of Australia’s wine, while Southwest Western Australia like Margaret River also contributing well recognised products.

Winery Description Vintage Format Bot. Price by Case Rating
Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir 2012 75CL 420
Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir 2014 75CL 420
Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir 2016 75CL 430
Bass Phillip Estate Chardonnay 2015 75CL 500
Bass Phillip Estate Chardonnay 2016 75CL 500
Bass Phillip Estate Pinot Noir 2012 75CL 600
Bass Phillip Gamay 2015 75CL 320
Bass Phillip Premium Chardonnay 2015 75CL 650
Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir 2014 75CL 1290
Clarendon Hills Astralis Shiraz 2007 6X75CL 1280 RP 97
Clarendon Hills Astralis Shiraz 2008 6X75CL 1500 RP 97
Penfolds Rawsons Retreat Private Relase Chardonnay 2013 6X75CL 45
Penfolds RWT (Cork) 2011 6X75CL 980

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