Oremus Late Harvest, 2019, 500ML

SKU: 330024
Sub region: Tokaji
Variety: Furmint, Harslevelu, Zeta, Sargamuskotaly
Rating: Not Rated

Light sweet (106gr/l)

Late Harvest is produced using a coupage of different varieties. These include the Furmint, whose acidity creates the perfect balance with the sweetness, while the Hárslevelű adds mellowness and a silky texture. The Kövérszőlő and Zéta increase the mellowness and fruitiness, along with the strength of the wine. And then there is the golden Sárga Muskotály that rounds out the nose of the wine.

Bunches are needed for this wine where at least half the grapes are Aszú noble berries, in other words, where there is a significant degree of noble rot.

The late harvest must ferments slowly in new Hungarian oak barrels, so slowly that the roofs of the wineries are often covered in ice and snow by the time it ends. Fermentation stops by itself at around 12% of alcohol.

The wine ages in Hungarian oak for six months and sits in bottle for a 15-month ageing period.