Alsace has a truly exceptional setting for making wine. Protected by the Vosges Mountains, this picturesque region is singularly blessed with enviable conditions: ancient soils, noble grapes and an extraordinary climate – one of the driest in France. Thirteen distinct terroirs make Alsace a mosaic unlike anywhere else. Here, minerality and freshness aren’t just concepts, they are the story of the wines. Over 90% of Alsace wines are made from white grape varieties including Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Muscat d’Alsace. But the king here is Riesling. Aromatic and balanced with impressive acidity and structure, these wines are remarkably food friendly.

Alsace still wines are officially divided into two levels: AOC Alsace makes about 95% of the wines. The remaining 5% are produced from the best vineyards and sold under the AOC Alsace Grand Cru. There are 51 Grands Crus in Alsace. Vendange Tardive (VT) and Sélection des Grains Nobles (SGN) are two particular classifications for Alsace wines. VT signifies a late-harvest wine with a greater-than-usual concentration of natural sugars which is the result of the grapes having achieved minimum required ripeness levels while SGN wines made from grapes affected by noble rot. SGN wines are rarer and must be sweet.

Winery Description Vintage Format Bot. Price by Case Rating
Hugel & Fils Special Anniversary Jubilee Mixed Case 2009 6 x 750ml 2,700

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