Mujaku Junmai Daiginjo, 2016, 720ML

SKU: 710308
Sub region: Yamaguchi
Variety: Isehikari
Rating: -

Produced by the Horie Brewery, established in the middle of the Edo era in 1764, the Mujaku Sake is made with 100% Isehikari rice, that is grown organically and milled down to a very low polishing ratio of 18%, in order to produce extremely high-quality sake.

The Isehikari rice was farmed in the illustrious Ise Shrine fields during the Heisei era, and is treated as a special rice.

Mujaku is a premium vintage sake, with a 5 -10 years ageing potential, and is produced using the purest underground spring water from the Nishiki River.

Unlike other sake with limited ageing ability, Mujaku will gain complexity from bottle ageing, like a fine wine.

Only 1000 bottles are produced every year, and are distributed to private collectors and exclusive partners.