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The United States has come a long way since its entry into the wine world more than 300 years ago. It is now the 4th largest wine producing region in the world. By 1976 American wines started to make waves during the Judgment of Paris when a panel of French wine experts scored several Napa Valley wines higher than top Bordeaux and white Burgundy in a blind tasting. Suddenly Napa Valley was on the world wine map. Nowadays, United States is a land of cult wine with rare production and top quality. Besides Napa Valley, Oregon and Washington are catching up in international status.

Meanwhile in Southern America, Chile has made a great revolution. It becomes one of the most popular wine producing nations in the world. Chile is an isolated country which is unaffected by Phylloxera so there are a lot of old vines to produce concentrated grapes. On the other hand, Chile is a long country, from the northern, desert-like Atacama wine region north of Santiago to the south and the ultra cool climate Bio Bio region, but the most significant wine producing areas surround the capital city of Santiago, with the Central Valley Region and its famous sub-regions like Maipo Valley.

Winery Description Vintage Format Bot. Price by Case Rating
Amuse Bouche Proprietary Red, 6X75cl 2013 6X75CL 9900 RP 94
Amuse Bouche Proprietary Red 2014 75CL 1980
Araujo Estate Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 75CL 2470
Dominus Christian Moueix, Napa Valley, 6x75cl 2014 6X75CL 10380 RP 97
Dominus Proprietary Red , 6x75cl 1984 6X75CL 15480 RP 92
Dominus Christian Moueix, Napa Valley 2014 75CL 2020
Harlan Harlan Estate, 3x75cl 2012 3X75CL 24000
Harlan The Maiden, 3x75cl 2011 3X75CL 5640 RP 91
Harlan The Maiden, 6x75cl 2013 6X75CL 16800 RP 95
Harlan Harlan Estate, 6x75cl 2014 6X75CL 52800 RP98
Harlan The Maiden, 6x75cl 2014 6X75CL 14280 RP 95
Harlan Harlan Estate, 150cl 2013 150CL 20000 RP100
Harlan Harlan Estate 2012 75CL 8800 RP 99+
Harlan The Maiden 2011 75CL 2100 RP 89
Harlan The Maiden 2013 75CL 2950 RP 95
Harlan Harlan Estate, 75cl 2007 75CL 12300 RP100
Harlan Harlan Estate, Magnum 2014 150CL 18880 RP98
Harlan Harlan Estate 2014 75CL 9180 RP98
Harlan The Maiden 2014 75CL 2750 RP 95
Heitz Wine Cellars Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 1974 150CL 45000 RP98
Kistler Vineyards Occidental Vineyard Cuvee Elizabeth Pinot Noir 2000 75CL 3880 RP 99
Lail Vineyards Georgia Sauvignon Blanc 2014 75CL 950
Lail Vineyards Mole Hill Vineyard Cab. Sauvignon 2013 75CL 2180 RP 90+
Lail Vineyards Mole Hill Vineyard Cab. Sauvignon 2012 75CL 2210
Marcassin Three Sisters Vineyard Chardonnay 2010 75CL 2580 RP 95
Marcassin Bondi Home Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir 2002 75CL 2300 RP 94
Marcassin Marcassin Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011 75CL 2500
Opus One Napa Valley, 6x75cl 2011 6X75CL 18000
Opus One Overture, Napa Valley, 6x75cl NV 6X75CL 5880
Opus One Napa Valley, 3x150cl 2011 3X150CL 20100
Opus One Napa Valley, 6x75cl 2014 6X75CL 17280
Opus One Napa Valley, 3x150cl 2012 3X150CL 18600 RP96
Opus One Napa Valley, 6x75cl (US label) 2014 6X75CL 17280
Opus One Napa Valley 1998 75CL 3880 WS 90-94
Opus One Napa Valley 2004 75CL 4100 RP 93
Opus One Napa Valley 2011 75CL 3400
Opus One Napa Valley 2014 75CL 3380 RP96
Pride Mountain Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 1994 75CL 4800 RP 95
Roy Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical Set 2005 to 2010 NV 6X75CL 8280
Roy Estate Proprietary Red 2007 75CL 1380 RP 94
Schrader Cellars Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard, LPV 2011 75CL 4300
Schrader Cellars Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard T6 2011 75CL 4300
Schrader Cellars Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard, LPV 2012 75CL 4580
Screaming Eagle Napa Valley, 3x75cl 2015 3X75CL 79500 RP 98-100
Screaming Eagle Napa Valley 2004 75CL 29980 RP96
Screaming Eagle Second Flight 2011 75CL 4930 RP 92
Sine Qua Non The Marauder Syrah 1999 75CL 7800 RP96
Sine Qua Non The 17th Nail In My Cranium 2005 75CL 14300
Vinedo Chadwick Maipo Valley 2014 75CL 3300
Clos Apalta Clos Apalta, 6X75CL 2015 6X75CL 5760 RP 95

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