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Seth Morgen Long started working in restaurants from a young age, with over 15 years of experience in restaurants and after getting a Sommelier Certification in 2009, he started traveling the world to gain experience in winemaking.

His passion for Chardonnay brough him to explore winemaking first in the Willamette Valley, than Central Otago in New Zealand, than back in Santa Cruz Mountains in California and finally to work with Alix and Etienne de Montille from Domaine de Montille in Burgundy, and where he also met Jean Marc Roulot.

In 2014 Seth decided to start producing his own wine, and it was an obvious choice to produce only Chardonnay. He started with 1 plot from grapes sourced from a renowned Oregon grower, and by 2016 he expanded the production to 3 sites, evolving in 2017 to six and nowadays he has been vinifying Chardonnay from 8 different plots.

The wines are produced at the Lingua Franca winery at the moment, and it’s made in the most traditional method as possible. Tiny production, single vineyard specific cuvee’s make these wines to look out for.



Fruit is handpicked according to the vintage and is pressed uniquely, taking into consideration each site’s pedigree, yield, and vintage character. The wines are Barrel fermented with 20-30% new oak from Damy. Lees are only stirred as needed, typically once or twice towards the end of primary fermentation, while CO2 is still present and before malolactic begins. Once primary fermentation and malolactic are complete, the wines age with minimal effective sulfur. After one year in barrel, the wines and lees are transferred to stainless steel with inert gas to blend and integrate for a second winter. Fining may occur with bentonite and filtration may occur prior to bottling after 18-20 months.


Willamette Valley Chardonnay

X-Omni Vineyard Chardonnay

Memorie II Chardonnay

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