Mother Rock

Mother Rock is a project developed by Johan Meyer and Ben Henshaw (Indigo Wine - UK).
The idea behind Mother Rock is to make "terroir focused" wines that are sourced from vines grown in a variety of of soil types and made with minimum intervention in the winery.

The project was executed using the extensive knowledge and relationships from Johan of vine growers in the Coastal region, in order to source high quality grapes to produce natural, well made wines, with an accessible price.
The wines from Mother Rock and Force Celeste show the pure expression of the diverse terroir of South Africa.


Across all of his wines Johann pursues a hands-off approach to the winemaking using native yeasts and allowing the reds to undergo long gentle fermentation with extended time on the skins delivering wines with exceptional texture and tannic structure.
Most of the reds are fermented with whole cluster, with a daily punch down, and matured in neutral oak barrels.
The whites are generally allows to oxidize the must before fermentation, and fermented in a mix of stainless steel and neutral oak. Some have a short period of skin contact while others are macerated for longer periods to extract tannins and structure.
Matured in neutral oak and stainless steel, and bottled without fining or filtration.

They offer exceptional concentration and flavor whilst remaining elegant and light on their feet.
Across the range, Johan’s wines represent exceptional value, for handcrafted, organic and natural wines.


Liquid Skin (maceration)
Brutal (maceration)
Force Celeste Chenin Blanc
Force Celeste Semillon
Force Celeste Cinsault

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