1. 登入網上理財之手機應用程式後,選擇「轉賬 / 轉數快付款」

Select “Transfer/FPS” after login to e-banking mobile app

2. 請按「選擇收款人」,然後輸入FPS ID:161852017 (Madison Wine Club Limited)

Tap “Select a payee” then enter FPS ID: 161852017 (Madison Wine Club Limited)

3. 請輸入應付總金額,備註欄輸入訂單編號以便核數,請檢查及確認轉賬資料,並按「繼續」

Please enter the total amount of the order and the order number at the message field. Select “Continue” after checking the details are correct.

4. 請檢查及確認轉賬資料

Review and confirm transfer detail

5. 轉賬後,請於3個工作天內將已轉賬的屏幕截圖電郵至 cs@madison-wine.com,或回覆由系統發出的訂單確認電郵,我們會盡快確認有關款項。如3個工作天內未能提供付款證明,Madison Wine將保留取消訂單之權利。

Please send us at cs@madison-wine.com or reply to the order confirmation email with payment proof within 3 working days. We will send you an order confirmation once we have received the payment receipt and your order will be processed accordingly upon receiving the payment. Madison Wine reserves the right to cancel unpaid orders at any time after 3 working days.