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Founded in 2012, Rose & Arrow is a project of Mark Tarlov, the man who started Evening Lands, and Louis-Michel Comte Liger-Belair, who in turn invited legendary terroir consultant Pedro Parra to join the project.
The goal is to make the best Oregon wines by exploring and discovering the region’s Grand Cru terroirs.
Together with the young Felipe Ramirez (winemaker), the team have spent the past 6 years decoding the land of the Willamette Valley, looking at plots within plots, and then focusing in on specific seams of rocks within these plots.


With the help of Pedro Parra the team from Rose & Arrow dug deep holes in the vineyard to expose the layers of soil and rock. The holes revealed a complex geology with a variety of volcanic and basalt rock, and the wines were designed around the soil types.
Each of the many cuvees produced have a very specific type of soil, and were segregated in 3 levels of quality: "The Village" (small vineyard holdings with similar rock structure) "The articulates" (specific rocky section with individual characteristics) and "The Prime Expressions" (vines from very specific geology that makes the best expressions of Pinot).

Wine Making

The team currently farms 60 hectares in Oregon, with 2ha being used for Rose & Arrow. The production is limited to 1200 to 4200 bottles of each wine per year.
Similar to what is made in Liger Belair cellar, the grapes are 100% destemmed, and the extraction light like an infusion, with cold maceration that last 7-8 days. The must is than fermented with indigenous yeast in open top fermenters and gentle pump overs are done regularly.
After fermentation the wines are matured for 12-16 months depending on the wine, in up to 50% new oak. The barrels are supplied from the same coopers that Louis Michel uses for Liger Belair wines. The wines are bottled without fining or filtration.


Worden Hill

Hopewell Hills

Worden Hill "The Black Walnut"

Hopewell Hills "Gathered Stones"

Worden Hill "Red Dust"

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