BLANKBottle Epileptic Inspiration, 2020, 750ML

SKU: 640028
Region: S.Africa | Elgin
Variety: Semillon
Rating: Tim Atkin 94

100% Semillon

  • 50% Elgin Semillon fermented and aged in French Oak for 1 & 1/2 years.
  • 50% Elgin Semillon fermented and aged in 330 liter clay amphora.

The Elgin Semillon grows in very steep slopes with multiple exposures.

Pieter started having Epilepsy at the age of 30. Then in November 2013, whilst not on medication, he had another huge epileptic fit (the second one ever). So the Dr booked him off driving, surfing, and screens. And this is how he started to design his new labels for the 2013 wines. He could not look at the computer due to the flickering screen. So he started making use of scissors, paint, Lino, pencil and old paper. And the result: He had a breakthrough in design.