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Collecting the rarest and finest bottles of wine is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, also provides investment opportunities for collectors. Hence, it is important to store in an environment that is safe and suitable for storing and ageing your collections. Madison Wine Club provides reliable storage services.
Madison Wine Storage Fee List 2023
Madison Wine Storage Fee List 2023
  • Security Control
Our storage is 20,000 ft2 in size, with a complete 24-hour security system to ensure safety, including burglar alarm, CCTV monitoring surveillance, Movement alarms and PIN code access control PLUS other security


  • Advanced Technology

Advanced 24-hour temperature/humidity control system and LED low-intensity lighting system. Insulation and anti-vibration materials are used on floors, walls and ceilings which complies with fire safety requirements. Temperature is strictly maintained between 14°C-16°C. All your wines will be stored in perfect condition.

  • Insurance

If any clients require additional insurance coverage for their wines, MWC can refer to Insurance Company. Please contact us for more details.

  • Logistic

MWC offers local collection and delivery by our logistic team. You may log in your personal account to check the detail and contact our customer service to request a delivery service.

  • Consignment

MWC will advise you on your collection by updating you on current market trends and prices, as well as recommending the next step for specific wines. Our wine experts will evaluate the value of your wines. Through a series of consultations, MWC will help you to source, buy and sell fine wines from around the world. You will have a smooth and enjoyable experience of our wine exchange.


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