Coutet Cuvee Madame Barsac, 1997, 750ML

SKU: 380091A
Region: FR | Bordeaux
Variety: Semillon
Rating: Wine Advocate 97

The origin of Cuvee Madame goes back to Madame Rolland-Guy, owner of Chateau COUTET between 1922 and 1977.

The vineyard workers were in the habit of working without pay for one day while picking the remaining grapes from one of the propertys two oldest parcels, whose berries were super-concentrated.

A sweet wine of incomparable richness and flavor was thus obtained.
This very small and exceptional cuvee was dedicated to Madame, the proprietors wife.
The Baly family carries on this tradition for their finest harvests.


The selection process is painstaking as each grape is picked one-by-one by hand. Further sorting takes place at the wine press and damaged grapes are eliminated immediately. The must is quite rich, with 22 to 26 degrees of potential alcohol. A single, light pressing (at less than 180 kg/cm2) produces a clear, limpid juice.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place in new French oak barrels. The large amount of natural sugar forces the yeast to work slowly and develop secondary aromas that will contribute to the wines complexity. Once this hard work is done, the wine is aged in barrels for three years before bottling.

100% Semillon barrel fermented and aged in 100% new oak French for three years.

Residual Sugar: 156 g/l. (sweet)