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Heidi Barrett grew up in the Napa Valley in a winemaking family and through high school, she spent her summers in wineries and vineyards, taking on all jobs from sorting vine cuttings to bottling line work.

After graduating from UC Davis in 1980 with a Degree in Fermentation Science, she went to work for Justin Meyer at Franciscan Vineyards and Silver Oak. In 1983 she became winemaker for Buehler Vineyards with only 25 years ols.

In 1988, she left Buehler to become an independent winemaker, making wine for a number of wineries including Dalla Valle (Maya), Screaming Eagle, Jones Family, Grace Family, Vineyard 29, David Arthur, Barbour Vineyards, and Showket.

Since the early 90’s she has developed an impressive client list of ultra-premium wineries including Amuse Bouche, Paradigm, Lamborn, Kenzo Estate, Au Sommet, and Fantesca.

In 2002, Heidi partnered with longtime friend John Schwartz (a businessman who spent 16 years developing export markets for Wente Vineyards) to create Amuse Bouche.

Amuse Bouche produces a flagship Pomerol inspired Merlot in response to Napa's famously elusive Cult Cabernet wines. Each label features a commissioned piece of art by a selected artist such as Guy Buffet, Jacques Pepin, Francoise Gilot, Leroy Neiman, Ira Yeager, among others.

Apart from Amuse Bouche Proprietary red, Barrett produces two additional wines under the Amuse Bouche umbrella: Vin Perdu and Prêt à Boire (Rose). Vin Perdu is essentially the estate's second wine, and is made from a blend of Bordeaux grapes left over from Barrett's primary wine labels including Amuse Bouche, Au Sommet, La Sirena, Lamborn, and Fantesca estates.

The Vin Perdu bottling is intended to be indicative of each vintage, with the blend changing from year to year and made in limited quantities. The wine is aged in new oak barrels from a combination of French cooperages, including Taransaud, Radoux and Gamba.


Amuse Bouche

Vin Perdu

Prêt à Boire (Rose)


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