Oremus Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos, 2013, 500ML

SKU: 330018
Region: Hungary | Tokaji
Variety: Furmint | Harslevelu | Zeta | Sargamuskotaly
Rating: Wine Spectator 94

Furmint, Hárslevelu, Zeta and Sárgamuskotál (medium sweet 156 gr/l)

The production of the Aszú wine is only possible in good vintages, when nature brings rain at the end of the summer and sun and wind in early autumn, which are the essential conditions for the development of noble rot "Botrytis cinerea".

The fermentation of the Aszú must is a slow process that can sometimes last up to two months. It is then put into wood barrels and is left in a protected wine press, waiting for the fermentation to stop by itself. We then add a little Eszencia, which has been collected drop by drop from the Aszú berries.

The Aszú wines are aged in 136-litre (called "Gönc") and 220-litre ("Szerednye") small barrels. Oak from the mountains that border the winemaking region is used to manufacture the barrels. The Aszú ageing takes place in underground wineries dug out in the volcanic soil. The wine is left to age here for 2 to 3 years, at a constant temperature and degree of humidity. After being bottled, the Oremus Aszú is left to continue ageing in the bottle for a year.