Delamain Cognac Grande Champagne, 1977, 700ML

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SKU: 710300
Sub region: Cognac
ABV: 40.0%
Bottling:: Delamain
Delamain Cognac Grande Champagne 1977

A Cognac from Delamain's Single vineyard and single vintage range, made entirely from grapes grown at Gensac La Pallue in the Grande Champagne area and aged a minimum of 10 years. Sourced from multiple distillers and bottled by Delamain at 40% ABV.

The Distillery

With an incredibly old family tradition, Delamain house has roots dating back to 1762.

The Cognac house is unapologetic when it comes to quality, selecting only the very best from its suppliers in order to create its own exclusive Grande Champagne Cognacs.

The house is well known for its technique of reducing the bottle strengths down to 40% ABV with "faibles" (low strength Cognac), rather than diluting with water.