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Domaine FL Founier-Longchamps

The Fournier-Longchamps family owns today 60 hectares with almost 30 hectares of Chenin Blanc on Savennières, all certified Biodynamic.

The vineyards are managed by Ludovic Pierrot, and the wines made by the Burgundy specialist Kyriakos Kynigopoulos.

The wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks and oak vats with strict temperature control, with 10-15% renewed every year.  Then matured on the lees without malolactic fermentation in the Chenin Blanc to preserve natural acidity and allow for long-term aging in bottle

The multiple cuvées of the estate are differentiated by the proportion of schist soil in the vineyards, with the more mineral wines being sold as the top range cuvee and having the longest ageing.

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Tremblay Marchive

Lead by Lyne Marchive from 1970's until 2018, the domaine passed through a series of improvements and grew considerably in size to its current 29 hectares.
Since 2019 the vineyards are grown organically, and before that the family practiced sustainable agriculture since 1950's.

The wines are barrel fermented with indigenous yeast, and aged on the fine lees between 7-12 months in stainless steel tanks. There is a light filtration to avoid any cloudiness.

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