Madison Wine Pairing Suggestion: Lucky Food for 2023 Chinese New Year 餐酒搭配指南: 2023農曆新年賀年食品



JL Vergnon MSNL Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru, 2011, 750ML

Price $650 per bottle

Turnip Pudding is one of the essential traditional pastries of the Chinese New Year. It combines the advantages of several ingredients into one. It has the sweetness of radish, the savory of sun-dried meats, and the umami of dried shrimp or dried scallops. The taste is rich and layered. Pan-fried to make it more savory, suitable for champagne with complexity and layers. J.L. Vergnon MSNL Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru 2011 is from 100% Chardonnay. The clear golden color come with lemon, pear and white peach in aromas, and a touch of roasted almonds. The fine and dense bubbles are velvety on the palate, with crisp acidity and a slightly salty and mineral finish. The fruit flavor of this Champagne which can find the balance of the sweetness of radish, and the salty of sun-dried meat and shrimps, and the level of acidity can reduce and digest the oily fried cakes and sun-dried meat.
蘿蔔糕是農曆新年不可缺少的傳統糕點之一,將數種食材的優點融為一體,有著蘿蔔的清甜,臘味的鹹香以及蝦乾或乾瑤柱的鮮味,味道豐富有層次,煎香後令其更為惹味,適合搭配有複雜味道及帶層次感的香檳。J.L. Vergnon MSNL Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru 2011 100% Chardonnay釀成,清澈的金色酒液,散發出檸檬、梨及白桃果香,及點點的烘烤杏仁氣息,細膩綿密的泡沫,絲絨般的口感,清爽的酸度,並以帶點鹹味和礦物氣息的餘韻收結。香檳的果香能夠襯托出蘿蔔的清甜,帶鹹的礦物味正好與臘味及蝦乾等材料搭配,而清爽的酸則能降低消化油膩的煎糕及臘味。




Domaine FL Savennieres La Roche aux Moines, 2014, 750ML

Price $420 per bottle

Vega Sicilia Macan, 2016, 750ML 

Price $550 per bottle

Poon Choi is a very popular dish for festival dining. A variety of ingredients are gathered in Poon Choi, from top-quality abalone and sea cucumber to common chicken, duck, mushrooms and etc. Such a rich taste feast is really difficult to match with just one wine. The top layer of Poon Choi is almost made from sun-dried and fresh seafood mixed, and dipped in a rich flavor sauce with the vase of oyster. It is suitable to match with some stronger flavor and full body white wines, such as Domaine FL Savennieres La Roche aux Moines 2014, made from 100% Chenin Blanc.  It is rounded and full-bodied.  The flavor of wine is ripened peach, apple and pear fruit, with a clear minerality.  Having the ingredients from middle to lower layers of Poon Choi, the taste of ingredients and sauce are becoming very strong and rich, which is suitable to match with a full-bodied red wine.  Vega Sicilia Macan 2016 is definitely a good choice of selections. It is a deep red wine with full tannins, lots of wild black berries and spices in palate.  The smell of vanilla, mocha and lavender flavors are good matching with the soaked ingredients in sauce. 每逢過時過節聚餐,盆菜都是十分受歡迎的菜色,五花八門的材料,由頂級的鮑魚、海參,到平日常見的雞、鴨以及冬菇等多種食材匯聚於盆菜中。如此豐盛的味覺饗宴,實在難以只用一款葡萄酒去配搭。盆菜的上層多以海味或海鮮拼成,並沾上濃郁的醬汁,適合配以一些酒體較厚的白酒,100% Chenin Blanc 釀製,Domaine FL Savennieres La Roche aux Moines 2014 酒體圓潤豐厚,充滿成熟的水蜜桃、蘋果及啤梨果香,並帶有明顯的礦物感。至於盆菜中下層的食材,味道開始變得濃厚而充滿醬香,在這時則適合配以一支酒體飽滿的紅酒,Vega Sicilia Macan 2016 絕對是一個不錯的選擇。這是一款單寧飽滿和濃郁的紅酒,口感中呈現出黑莓和香料的香氣,並伴隨著淡淡的雲呢拿、摩卡薰衣草的氣息,與吸滿醬汁的食材相互交融。


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