Must-haves for yacht parties: 6 Magnum champagne, red and white wine recommendations

遊艇派對必備:六款 Magnum 香檳紅白酒推薦

Hot summer is a good time to go out, and wine will definitely make everyone drink up the atmosphere at the yacht party. Sway the wine glass on the boat and enjoy the pleasant summer breeze and sunshine with fine wine.


Ready for a unique boat party? Magnum magnums will surprise you!


Here's why Magnum bottles make for the perfect party:


1. Good Enough to Share Around 更多人可以分享

A 750ML bottle of wine is perfect for small gathering, but when you're sharing with a large group of friends and family in special occasions or events, you'll definitely want something a little more special.

Magnum bottles typically hold 1.5 liters of wine, which is equivalent to two standard wine bottles. They can be shared among a large group of people, guests can enjoy the same wine with same bottle to go around.


這時候1.5L大瓶裝(Magnum Bottle)便是不二之選,大瓶裝能讓你盡可能更長時間地享受同一瓶酒,而不必一直開新酒,又可以確保每位客人都有一杯美酒在手。

2. Impressive Presentation 更「吸晴」

The shape of Magnum bottle show grandeur in style. Eye catching effects to enhance the overall ambience and make impressive in the party.


The Secret Behind Wine Collectors for Choosing Magnum Wines


3. Age-Worthy 更具收藏價值

Magnum bottling is one of the ways to store and preserve fine wine. Many famous wines are bottled in Magnum because they age better. The amount of air retained by Magnum is the same as that of a 750ML standard wine bottle. The oxygen stored in a large Magnum bottle is relatively reduced, which greatly slows down the oxidation rate, keeps freshness for longer, and is more resistant to aging and retain more fruitfulness on the palate.


Myth: Magnum wines could improve the flavor?


Have you heard that Magnum drinks better in large bottles? It is because Magnum bottle is doubled in size, while the cork remains the same size as a standard bottle which reduces oxygen penetration into the bottle. The cork cap of the wine bottle is not completely sealed, so the bottle will "breathe" over time, slowly allowing oxygen to penetrate into the wine, making the taste of the wine in the bottle more mellow and smooth, and developing a more unique aroma.

Why not drink with friends and see if the Magnum bottle really has the legendary upgraded enjoyment!

你聽說過Magnum大瓶裝更好飲嗎? 據說因為Magnum瓶子的尺寸增加了一倍,而軟木塞的尺寸仍與標準瓶相同,能減少氧氣滲透到瓶子裡。酒瓶的木塞蓋不是完全密封的,故此瓶子會隨著時間的推移「呼吸」,慢慢讓氧氣滲透到葡萄酒中,使瓶中酒口感更圓潤順口,發展成更獨特香氣。


Buy 1 magnum bottle (1500ML).   Get 1 half bottle(375ML) free*.

Summer Breeze 夏日微風 1+1 【Part 2】

Buy 1 magnum bottle (1500ML). Get 1 half bottle(375ML) free*.

*A random free bottle (worth HKD 120-160) will be shipped.
*Maximum number of 3 free bottles per person.

*Quota applies and is available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

*禮品隨機發送(價值HKD 120-160)。

Mouzon Leroux L'Atavique Extra Brut Grand Cru, NV, 1500ML, (Summer Set)
Raymond Usseglio Chateauneuf Du Pape Blanc Pure Clairette, 2018, 1500ML, (Summer Set)
Querciabella Batar, 2002, 1500ML, (Summer Set)
Du Pelican Arbois Poulsard, 2015, 1500ML, (Summer Set)
Jessiaume Beaune 1er Cru Les Cent Vignes, 2019, 1500ML, (Summer Set)
Leoville Barton St. Julien, 2006, 1500ML, (Summer Set)

If you are looking to impress your friends and guests at the yacht party, magnum bottle is definitely an excellent choice with their greater volume, enhanced flavor, and spectacular outlook. Cheers! 


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