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Bass Phillip is named after George Bass and Arthur Phillip – men of great pioneering spirit, foresight and leadership during the nineteenth century.
The Bass Phillip vineyards were first established, many years later, in the southeastern corner of Australia in 1979, specializing in high-quality pinot noir and chardonnay wines.
The vineyards have been organic since 1993 and biodynamic since 2002.

Gippsland Terroir
The region is blessed with approx.1,000 millimetres of rainfall per annum and a deep, silty loam soil filled with volcanic minerals. High temperatures (mid 30 Celsius degrees) in the summer months are balanced by humidity and late afternoon, cool air from Bass Strait. High density planting is one of the approaches taken by Bass Phillip to prove that Australia can produce an impeccable pinot. Although a single vine at Bass Phillip barely makes half a bottle of wine, the highly perfumed nose, robust flavors, exquisite texture


Made in a simple and traditional manner, with low-cropped vineyards, no irrigation and minimal intervention in the winery, the wines of Bass Phillip display flavours which are characteristic of the region and their individual vineyards. Deep mineral-rich soils, natural high humidity, and cooler temperatures in South Gippsland is also part of the magic that delivers the length, complexity, flavors, balanced acidity and natural minerality to Bass Phillip wines. Minimal human intervention is practiced wherever possible – no irrigation/pesticides/fertilizers, minimal pumping/ filtration, natural yeast, no fining agents.
The Pinot's are 100% destemmed, fermented with indigenous yeast and matured in 15% to 50% new French oak for 15 months.
The Chardonnay's are whole cluster pressed, barrel fermented with indigenous yeast, and barrel aged for 14 months in 20 to 30% new French oak.


The three wines at the top of the Bass Phillip hierarchy — the Estate, Premium and Reserve Pinot Noirs — have always come from the same original 1979 main vineyard in Leongatha: a 3.5-hectare block, known as the Estate vineyard. Within this vineyard the same rows of vines and sub-plots are used for each of these wines every year, purely because those vines give the best grapes, year
after year.

Bass Phillip Estate Pinot Noir
Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir
Bass Phillip 17K Pinot Noir
Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir
Bass Phillip Premium Chardonnay
Bass Phillip Estate Chardonnay

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